Two Abstract Paintings

Mitek pressrelease

"Two Abstract Paintings", Andreas Bertilssons third full length release, takes the notion of aural morphology to its logical conclusion. Using sound as he would any other medium, Bertlisson has collated an anthology of captured auditory fragments that range from the rustle of dry leaves and shuffling paper, through to bird mimicking wind instruments and unconnected phone lines. Painstakingly constructed in what at first seems random distribution, Son Of Clay's 46 minute piece (divided into two untitled parts) recalls the early minimalist Terry Riley or the pioneering mathematical music of Peter Maxwell Davies and his employment of durational ratios, ciphers and magic squares. Slowly revealing itself as much more than the sum of its parts, time and concentration are rewareded with glimpses of sylphlike structures ebbing to the surface as Bertlisson concocts a miasma of conscious lulling soundscapes. With the only useful comparisons centreing around Oval or Fennez, 'Two Abstract Paintings' is likely to be a few steps removed from anything you've ever heard before and, whilst wilfully esoteric, somehow manages to be infectiously listenable. Accompanied by reproductions of over 20 photogram portraits of shadowy indefinable objects, Bertlisson has put together a work of capricious scope that whilst adamantly not light listening, is a thoroughly rewarding experience and tacit artistic document.


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