Face Takes Shape


Face takes Shape is the title of this exceptional soundexperiment from Swedish newcomer Son of Clay. All 11 tracks on his highly personal first album is composed solely of samples retrieved from his apartment, the stairwell, the balcony etc. All those simple sounds of everyday life - reshaped, deconstructed and reassembled, often distorted beyond recognition - make out the elements which have been put together to form complete entities of sound. Those noises of everyday life - the buzzing, the humming, squeak, creak, rasping and clinking - work together to create strange and mystical melodies and progressive rhythms. Soundartist and "electroreformer" Andreas Bertilsson has a masterdegree in Fine Arts and his base in Berlin where he has been working with soundsculpturing and sound installations. He has previously appeared on the Starfield Simulation compilation and the Starfield Simulation Series on the Komplott label. Face takes Shape is something of a self-portrait. Through those banal sounds of everyday life we sense the contours of a person, the author himself. With his debut album Son of Clay takes his position among the avantgarde of modern, experimental electronica. Bounding for the future with his distinctive, suggestive, melancholy sound though concurrently recognizing the historical journey of electronic music - from the classic, electroaccustic explorations of the post-war era, through the ambient and techno sounds of the past decades to present composers like Oval and Fennez. This one of the kind piece, with its ingenious use of sampletechnique is guaranteed to stimulate all senses and will continue ringing in your ears long after you´ve put the disc down.


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